I get awesome free stuff *all the time* and so can you…

A few years ago I found out about some really sick websites that offer free stuff for you to review and talk about with other folks. I’ve been sharing links to join via Twitter and Facebook but still have yet to post about it on my blog (OMG what’s taken so long on that anyway?!). So here you go, folks, since I’m now a motivated, active blogger once more I’ll share with you the link to my all-time favorite site.

Now’s about the time that I kick myself for not still having those photos of the things I’ve been hooked up with! I can tell you, my favorites I’ve received are a mini W3ll People Expressionist Mascara and Highlighter, also quite a few full-size eye makeup items from Loreal Paris.

So if you want to get hooked up on awesome stuff….

Head over to Influenster by clicking here!

Then we’ll both get be getting rad freebies from now until forever… Or as long as they’re kicking down at least.

Enjoy, my freebie-lovin’ brothas and sistahs!


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