To believe in ME…. I want to believe.

A few days ago, shortly after my 30th birthday I got a wild hair up my butt about figuring out what I want to do with my life, again….

Okay, so, the hair wasn’t actually that wild, and it didn’t lead me to any conclusions I haven’t been at before. But the point is I sat down for a few hours, took various career quizzes online, read some very insightful articles ( I highly recommend this one. This guy is definitely a new favorite blogger of mine!) and came back to a conclusion I haven’t been at since 2011. I still want to be an art therapist.

This is such an incredibly huge step for me and yet it’s not tangible enough to truly share. Something in me shifted when I realized that I want to do this, like a bolt of lightning that’s filled me with motivation and energy. I’m 30 years old and I’ve completed nothing (unless you count recieving my GED or dropping out of 2 post-secondary schools). Yet here I am feeling fully capable and ready, not prepared, but ready.

I mean… Just a few days ago I made the decision to really, actually do it. Since then I’ve researched schools, found the programs (you might be surprised how difficult it is to find a linear program for an art therapy degree, since there practically aren’t any), and started paying off the money I owe to my old community college.

It won’t be easy… For the next 6 years I’ll be navigating through a tangle of education systems and accreditations requirements on the road to a Master’s degree that, at least, I know I want.
Please let me be capable of this.


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