Fall garden – Black widows and other desert gardening perils.

Its finally fall planting time in Phoenix so I went out in the garden today to sow all my seeds in the raised bed…

I have a love/hate with this space. First, the soil is great and it has plenty of room to add compost every season. Weeds aren’t much of a problem and there’s a good sun/shade ratio throughout the day… But… Sorry to the arachnophobes out there… There are black widows in every damn corner every time I go out there!

So today I battled them again, not only did I get three big mamas but I managed to do it at the right time since I got to crush the egg sacks of each of them as well.. Gross right? Take that you creepy biotches!

Well Here’s the bed marked up with the (free!) Skitch app by Evernote, available on Android and iOS. I highly recommend it.  For more information on what’s good to plant all year in Phoenix and all of Maricopa County check out this handy (and free!)  chart by the Maricopa County Extension Office. For other states/counties check your local extension office to see what information they provide.



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