It got hot, real hot…. Our Performance at Sharefire.


Saturday night was very busy for us… We had a total of four performances for the night! To be specific it was two individual performances by Sheri Amourr,  one performance earlier in the night by me and one late night group performance with Sheri, Amy, and I with our brand spanking new choreography!

All of this was to participate in a show to support The Firehouse Gallery who has been running their own Indiegogo  campaign to cover the costs of fixing the wiring for the building. The Firehouse has a place in my heart always. If you’re not familiar with it, the best I can explain it is that it’s a gallery, local and arts event space and burn platform for the creative patrons and stewards of the place. But if you ask anyone who’s been there it’s really so much more than that! As our home stage and launchpad, we’ve always loved the firehouse for being a long running platform for the many,  many artists musicians and performers in Phoenix so when we heard about the show We jumped right in! And apparently we weren’t the only ones who were excited either! I mean just check out the poster:


The festival itself,  Share Fire, was loads of fun. The acts did so well and the music sounded awesome. I even got to see a lot of bands I don’t get to see very often or hadn’t seen yet although I’d been meaning to for quite a while.


Just a week before the big night I got a message about a then-secret after party where we were invited to spin for the audience. Of course we said yes, knowing however, we didn’t have much time to come up with our routine. So as the risk takers and challenge lovers we are we set out to create and learn the choreography for the show, all the while not knowing if we were going to have all four of us or just three! To top it off,  we had 4 days (make that 4 long,  late,  mosquito swarmed nights…) to make it up and get it down and even though we had yet to perform group choreography…I’d say we did pretty good…

Check out the video and let us know what YOU think:

Vatra fire collective goes Star Wars!:

If you’re interested in furthering our skills and supporting our future, we’re still running our Indiegogo campaign to help with the startup costs of insurance, fuel and props. So click the IndieGoGo link below to help us out with a contribution 🙂


Vatra Fire Collective’s Indiegogo Campaign

That’s all for today… Many thanks to all the acts up there this weekend! Also special Thanks to Jeff Moses for booking us, Dj Scapegoat for helping us out, Jolly Kapolei for being there when we needed you, Nick Venuto for being the hottest and most handsome fire safety I’ve ever had the pleasure of snuggling with, and last but not least The 23’s for all the things in all the years:  every event,  every show,  every coffee, every beer, every practice,  every outlet, every safe-place-when-you-need-one and every everything you’ve shared with all of us, you’re always in my heart!

I hope I’m not forgetting anyone, if I am I’m sorry!

Also I hope you all enjoyed the video and had a great weekend, Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “It got hot, real hot…. Our Performance at Sharefire.

  1. Awesome that you guys are getting to perform so much! I miss the Phx Art scene SO MUCH… I was kind of M.I.A. for the past year but now that I am in a small town not even in the same state the missing is even worse!

    Side note about repairs… If the 23s are renting, isn’t it the responsibility of the *owner* to fix anything wrong with the building?? I hope they are getting the funds they put in to improving the property taken off their rent. :-/

    1. It was $7000 in repairs! The owner put up $5000 of it and the 23’s had to do the remaining $2000. But it came together quickly. They met their goal and now they’re going for stretch goals to replace equipment that has been lost, stolen or destroyed over the years.

      1. I saw the stretch goals on the indiegogo… I reposted the link in a few facebook poetry groups that I hadn’t thought to include before (FH has poetry shows so it’s relevant). Hopefully in the next 12 days of the campaign they can get a few more thousand dollars! 🙂

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