What happens when you spend four years with a Hula Hoop?

A quick hoop-away at Papago park’s “hole in the rock”


Just a small post here,  a couple videos of me hooping *for practice*.

The first one is from over three years ago,  when the hoop was new and shiny and full of possibility. Ah youth…

Pardon the cheeziness of this first one, I messed around with slo-mo to see what I was doing better, and try to make it look better. i’ve since learned more stalls, isolations, and general speed control.

And then there’s now.

After so long of doing this thing I feel like I should have more progress than I do. More tricks up my sleeve. Or should I say more tricks up my hoop? Life does get in the way of play however, I’m running out of excuses. I’ve “started a regular hooping regimen” before but, I guess, I just hope I really mean it this time…

If you wish to follow me on YouTube, please do so from the second video, my previous account is no longer active.

Oh and in case you were wondering how my summer away is going… We cut the first trip short and we’ll be leaving late for the next one so I can take up a gig I scored for a music video (sounds so fancy!) I’ll be sure to post that when it’s out so stay tuned!

Thanks for watching!


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