Ready for adventure!

After years of wishing, months of waiting, weeks of planning, and days of preparing, I’m finally leaving phoenix for the summer!

Well most of the summer anyway…


We don’t really know WHERE we’re going, but North seems to be a good start. It’s 106° out and I can’t wait to go somewhere cooler! And sometime in the next two days, we will.

First we’re off to camp,  Buggy-girl, Nick, Liberty and I, north-bound on the asphalt until we find something beautiful. Then we come back and a get buggy all set up for school for a while with her pops before we hit the road again. Maybe we’ll take the coast. If we beeline to Washington we could hit the last days of the Autonomous Mutant Festival ( and then float back down the PCH 1. Making stops for beaches and redwoods along the way.

Whatever it is it will be awesome.

And then,  there’s more, we’ll come back late next month, just long enough to hang out a while before taking a flight to Omaha for a wedding ❤  🙂

Life is good.

So,  until September, my Etsy shop is closed (although I might change my mind at the first return and take my stock with me), but luckily, i'm sure I'll find plenty of time to work on small projects in the car,  practice my fire arts in fun spots, take photos, make more blog posts and most importantly have a good time with my loved ones! I hope everyone can have such an amazing summer!  ☺


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