52 Things… A Year Long Adventure

IMG_20131229_190830 copy

Happy New Year all you wonderful colorful creatures! I hope your midnight was amazing and full of laughter, love, sparkles and joy. Also, I hope your hangover was mild… 🙂

In my last post of 2013 I talked about making a list. If you’re interested i go into why i chose to make a list instead of a resolution (I’ve done this thing before you see) and some ideas on how to make your own list.

52 things I want to do. One for each week of 2014. It’s more fun for me than the prospect of making a resolution (as you’ll see). so here it is:

  1. Join a CSA
  2. Open my Etsy shop
  3. Let a friend give me a makeover (are you that friend? lemme know)
  4. Be a not-vegetarian at a sushi bar
  5. Write fan mail to a friend
  6. Plant a food tree
  7. Speak to a stranger in jibberish, take it seriously.
  8. Sew an outfit for my Buggy
  9. Rebuild my bike
  10. Write a skit
  11. Be unrecognized
  12. Take someone (it’s a secret) out to lunch, pay for them
  13. Make a large amount of herbal medicine
  14. Public art 😉
  15. Get hypnotized
  16. Rock climbing
  17. Send postcards
  18. Smash something expensive
  19. Enter a contest of skill
  20. Roller disco
  21. Host an art/crafts night
  22. Walk on stilts
  23. Build stilts
  24. Spend a day (or 20!) in the forest
  25. Hike south mountain
  26. Get a spa treatment
  27. Build a loft
  28. Costume flash mob
  29. Attend a religious service (just to see)
  30. Relearn some childhood playground games
  31. Reunite with an old friend
  32. Go to the gym
  33. Get my drivers license (yeah…)
  34. Make a parade float
  35. Movie marathon
  36. “Vacation” in Sun city
  37. Make free art
  38. Mail a gift package to a stranger
  39. Get a tattoo designed by Buggy
  40. Have an unbirthday party
  41. Get my palms read
  42. Take a dance class (more if i like it)
  43. Have an all out picnic
  44. Write a letter to my self 10 years from now
  45. Pay for a strangers dinner
  46. Paint my whole body
  47. Use a fake name for an afternoon
  48. Say yes to everything for 1 day
  49. “Unplug” for 3 days
  50. Make a hammock
  51. Spend a whole day in a hammock
  52. Do a detox


So there it is. My 52 things for 2014. What are yours?


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