Making Resolutions Fun Again! (How to make your 2014 awesome)

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2014 is waiting in a bush like a guerrilla soldier just waiting for it’s chance to take this year out. Swiftly it will make it’s kill and take over your new now. Before you know it you’re writing the wrong year on paperwork and having to correct it. So cruel it is to change everything in your life, not ever to consider what the people want!

To top it off, there’s these damned resolution things… Ugh!

Everyone keeps saying “This year I’ll lose weight!”, “My resolution is to quit smoking” “I’m gonna eat better in 2014” and blah blah blah… We make these same old promises to ourselves year after year. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we accomplish them, and other times… we don’t.  I can think of more resolutions that I didn’t keep than ones that I did, and you know why? I didn’t WANT to keep them… I don’t want to make these demands on myself and tell the world about it, I suck at deadlines, I’m not one for consistent day-to-day life (have you seen my reason for choosing RadiantWild as a name?), and I don’t like being closed into a box (even if that box is of my own making!).

So I’m changing the game…

A few years back I was felling really depressed and alone. Life was bland and I really just hated everything. All around me people were having a great time… At least everyone but me. I was sitting at home for yet another sad lonely night. Just surfing the internet, when I came across a video about a guy who started a project to keep himself from suicidal thoughts (I wish I could find it now, I’d post it if I could) As he put it he was doing one thing a day “instead of suicide”. This of course is kind of depressing, but it was inspirational for me. That night I wrote a list of 52 things I want to do. I wrote this because I knew my reason for being depressed was because I felt that my life lacked adventure and (self-imposed) challenge. I never did finish that list, and I’m not worried about it either. Because…

It cured my depression.

This year I’m doing it again and not because I’m depressed, I’m quite alright now (perhaps a little angsty today but no biggie.). No, I want to do it this time because there so many things I want to do!


I’m hoping to encourage you to do it too!

So here’s your homework assignment:

Take out a notebook, ready a new blog post, or open up a text editor on your computer and write down 52 things you want to do this year. Write down things you’ve always wanted to do, and make up some new ones too! If you get stuck… Don’t forget the things that are silly , things that make no sense, things that will be difficult, and acts of kindness (toward yourself AND others!). Think of all the projects you haven’t finished/started. Think of people you see everyday, and ones you haven’t seen in a while. Think of places you’ve always wanted to go. think of breaking out of your box, and (gently) shaking others out of theirs.

When you’re done writing this list look over it and pick the one you want to do first. Don’t forget… The best part of this list is it’s YOUR list! You don’t have to do it in order (although you can if you want to), you can pick which one your want to do every week, you can even change your mind and do a different one. The one thing I would recommend however is not changing the contents of the list. Once you have it finalized keep it how it is. Worst case scenario you don’t do everything on it and you end up with some things undone. I suppose these ones could go onto a master bucket list (where like, after a few years, once you get 52 of them total, that takes up your next year… or not, whatever…).

If you write your list on your blog or website, please share in the comments!

And since this is to be my last post of 2013…. I’ll end it with a slideshow of some of my favorite moments of 2013 made with Proshow Web

(let me know how it looks, my computer won’t play sound and won’t play through video, lol!)

Happy new years everyone and good luck with your lists! I’ll be posting mine New Years day, so stay tuned 🙂


2 thoughts on “Making Resolutions Fun Again! (How to make your 2014 awesome)

  1. Well! Something to look forward to! New Year’s Resolutions are usually so self-defeating, and make you feel bad since you so often do not stick to them. This year I had decided to “not care”, but I like your idea so much better. 2013 was not kind to me, nor to our family. I hope to come up with some really positive ideas for the 52 things to do list. Geez, I have a whole year to do them, some of them can be fun, or helpful, AND I can avoid the dread and drudgery commonly associated with a things to do list! Number One. Write a list of 52 things that will inspire me…..

    BTW – Your Goodbye to 2013 video was great, music and all!!!!!!

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