Hairdaze – To Dread or Not to Dread… Starting dreads with dreadlock extensions.

Photo on 1-14-13 at 12.47 PM #3

I’ve had some kind of weird, ummm… “Thing” about my hair as long as i can remember. But i swear it has a life of it’s own. It changed colors on it’s own twice before i even ever dyed it. It’s been every color of the rainbow and shaved in ways most people wouldn’t do for money. When i was younger I had even pulled it all out, but that’s a different story.

These days my hair stays basically the same. I bleach the roots every month or two, and dye it some pink/orange shade. I wait for it to grow, taking biotin to speed up and strengthen it as it does.

I’ve dreaded my hair 2 and a half times (I’ll explain in a second) and combed them out. the first time i kept them for a little over a month, the second was nearly three months. That “and a half” time I tried making extensions and dreading them into my hair while it was short. It worked, kinda, the hair i got to do the extensions had been labeled “Human hair” which is what i needed but, it turns out it wasn’t human hair at all and to top it off i had to sew it to my own to make it stay. Not exactly the best method. They looked terrible… I took them out within a week.

I miss my dreads pretty often, the real ones i mean. I didn’t have them for very long, I mean i combed them out even, so it’s not like they were mature or anything, but they were my babies.


Baby dreaddies.

And on the internet there are just so many pictures of awesome hair that i want! So I’m thinking… I made these extensions again… Yes, again, and it was quite a bit of work, hours of work even…






 Having pink hands for two days.

and that’s not including the backcombing, hairdrier-ing or cutting it off the weft.

But i have them now, a full head of extensions that, if i want to add them in, can be permanent on the ends of my own dreading hair…


But I’m not sure if i’ll do it or not… and by that i mean… i’m not sure if i’m going to spontaneously decide to lock them in… My guess is that i will, and it’s only a question of when. If i DO add them in, i’ll post a tutorial of course so that’s the good news for you all.

Photo on 12-8-13 at 8.29 PM #2

What do you all think?


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