Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

What a week!

Has it been a week since I posted last?

I really don’t know.

Anyway let me tell you…

What’s that? Something seems different eh? The new look? Those new pages? The awesome new domain name? Why thanks for noticing! I’ve actually been working on lots of background stuff. I’m really happy with how the site all turned out and I’m so super excited that I’m now the proud owner of! Things just keep getting better and better around this place… Meanwhile posting has been a bit neglected, but nary forgotten!

But back to this past week. I had intended on writing a new post back on Wednesday when me and Tinker went to the feed store to get some scratch for the 2 laying hens in residence here. I suggested we go to Pratts since, growing up in the area and having a crazy hippie 1st grade teacher as my mom, I’d been there quite a few times in my kid-dom but not at all since.

The place itself is pretty crazy, in an old “Main Street” style building but with a small parking lot in the front. It’s located in downtown Glendale in front of a long abandoned sugar factory building of some sort that looms over the building and could creep out even the most naive little chick they have inside. However when you get inside it’s bright, colorful and crazy. It’s practically a zoo and smells like I think Easter would smell if it had a scent (I don’t mean candy). After navigating through snakes, lizards, mice, a goat,  pigeons (yes, even pigeons), a pig, a blue macaw some pheasants and countless other animals we come to a stop by the chicks and ducklings.

The thing is… When you already have 2 chickens and a duck there’s really not much that can keep you from getting 3 more baby chickens and a baby duck.. so…

IMG_20131127_160349They have no names yet.

But that’s not all…


Meet Salvador Dahki (that’s Dahk-eee.. quack.)

What a cute day.

Unfortunately we lost one of the chicks, we’ll probably never know why but i found her yesterday morning. The other two seem to be alright for the most part, minus a minor twitch the yellowest one seems to have . I’m keeping an eye out and hoping for the best. Meanwhile Salvador Dahki is enjoying his daily outside time with the backyard-pond-master-gangsta-supreme, Doctor Duck and  “big orange mom” (that’s me).

Well that’s all good and fowl on the subject of birds for now, and I do think I’m done here. But I’ll leave you with a few photos from Fire/Flow practice:


Spinnin’ poi… Didn’t know i could do that move there… But I did it!


Tinker & The Lady 23 on fans

Until next time

(I hope to be much more enthusiastic and creative then, sorry for the sub-par post..)



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