Old Purse Renewed


Most of my sewing goes like this:
(Conversation between me and myself)

Me: I’m bored… want to make something.
Myself: What do you want to make?
Me: Well i don’t really want to MAKEmake something, i just want to… kind of make something
Myself: Kind of make something?
Me: well, yeah, make something, uh… different than it was.
Myself: Sounds lazy…

Me: heh…

Today’s project was exactly this sort of situation. I had gone to the fabric store with Tinker a while back and found some amazing neon pink & orange embroidered flower trim. I knew when i looked at it that i wanted to add it to my military ammo bag that i got on Amazon a few years ago…

This bag, when new, is actually pretty green.

I wanted to get matching pom-poms to add to it, but there weren’t any matching ones… ANYWAY… After i added the trim i noticed i had pinned the front left pocket back on with a Bauhaus pin (a relic from my pre-mom life of post-punk cacophony) when it fell apart some months ago. So with some difficult-to-reach-that-way stitches I stuck it right back onto the body good and tight:


*Do not attempt this at home (*Totally attempt this at home)

And was i done? Oh no, no way.. there’s a fine line between “MAKEmaking” something and “Making” something, it needed more or it’d be like I’d done nothing at all. I certainly couldn’t write and entire blog post about some silly trim and pocket mend could I?

The one thing that always bothered me about this bag (besides the awkward flaps on the side of the interior that make absolutely no sense to me whatsoever, but that’s a whole ‘nother story) is the lack of an inner pocket.

Sadface… Why must i always dig for things that could be so much more easily accessible?

So, BRILLIANT idea right.. how about, i like… ADD MY OWN POCKET… ehmahgersh. I had this super rad vintage skirt with an awesome flower/strawberry print but the stiffness of the fabric just made it fit awkwardly so a few months ago i shoved it in my fabric bin (I folded it first, i’m not a total slob… just… kinda…) knowing I’d find a use for it eventually. well eventually was definitely now, so i cut out a standard pocket shape to fit into the inside:


I told you the fabric was awesome.

And stitched it…

Flipped it, stitched it and stitched it again:



and then again.. (I can’t stand the idea of things falling apart when i’ve already fixed them once)


Pretty zig-zag.

And Voila!

The books are to fix the shape after washing it.

Me: So I finished the bag…
Myself: Don’t you think this whole “talking to yourself” thing is a bit silly?
Me: Who asked you?!


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