Hello + Welcome


It seems to me that for years of my life now i’ve watched others sharing themselves on blogs such as this one. Pages upon pages I’ve seen and thought to myself over and over “I wish my life were that awesome”. I always wanted my life to be as amazing as theirs until i realized, my life IS amazing, I’m just not SHARING like they are!


So today, I gave myself a new name, Radiantwild (although i keep typing an “e” where the second “a” goes… Dern spelling… I’ll get the hang of it). I changed my Instagram to the new name, I changed my Etsy to the new name (even though it’s still lacking merchandise). I created a facebook page (But it’s not published yet… )  & I started this blog.


I chose Radiantwild for a few reasons… First i wanted something catchy but unique. But i also wanted something that described my lifestyle and outlook without being pretentious. I’ve made blogs before, picked names, wrote posts, but in the end i found that i didn’t relate to what i was writing and when i wnted to write something different it just didn’t fit. So to get down to it, I needed a name that was REAL to me, and one that didn’t close me in.


I see life as radiant. It is colorful and and shining, full of unexpected things, merriment and wonders. Life is light, and all color is contained within it. It is also wild, or at least it’s MEANT TO BE. Life is best kept wild, If it were in a jar it would say in fine print “please keep wild after opening” under the nutritional facts. Life not kept wild spoils. It becomes sour and moldy, i’ve seen it.

So here we are, with all of this newness i feel renewed too. And there really is so much newness!

Top five reasons today was great (because why not?):

  • Today was my daughters birthday.
  • Today i played with photoshop.
  • Today i talked to my mom on the phone for almost an hour.
  • Today i ate hummus.
  • Today i wrote this one (small, but still… existent) post.

*All photos in this post are random, just wanted to shiny up the place a bit.

Until next time, Happy internetting!


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